el Ma Ra

Quantum Master Teacher, Soul Awakener, 

5th Dimension Spiritual Life Coach.

When all else fails, AWAKEN your Quantum Spiritual Power & Gifts.


Have you achieved everything you ever dreamed of ~ Love, Money, Success & you still feel unfulfilled?

If you are tired of going around and around in circles, WE (el Ma Ra & her team of Advanced Beings of Light) can help you with that. Check out the new testimonials below.

Or have you been on your Spiritual path a long time & you're still struggling or can't feel your Angels, chakras, Source etc. Maybe you are stuck or lost a loved one & can't move past the pain?

el Ma Ra’s special gift is being able to help you find peace and power and purpose when you’ve tried everything & nothing is working.

woman kissing flower closeup

Maybe you are ready to access your own Quantum Super Powers & Gifts to be able heal or manifest ANYTHING ANYTIME YOU WANT?

There are 4 decades of testimonials and miracles on this website where el Ma Ra has helped when all else has failed.


Awaken the Quantum within & step into your God/Goddess power & gifts.

YOU are an Infinite ~ Eternal ~ Rich ~ Abundant ~ Gorgeous ~ GORGEOUS ~ Sexy ~ Radiant ~ Powerful Beyond Measure Pure Source Being of LIGHT.
You are not broken & you do NOT need fixing.

You just need to remember the MAGNIFICENCE OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE.


EVERYTHING IS ENERGY ~ No matter what is happening in your life ~ You can radically change where you are at by ACTIVATING THE 99% PURE SOURCE LIGHT & POTENTIAL ALREADY EXISTING WITHIN YOU.

If you have all the money and friends you could ever need and have done everything you thought would bring you happiness and you are NOT HAPPY.
~ el Ma Ra can help you.

Working with el Ma Ra and the GAIA ONE Temple team of Advanced Beings of LIGHT, you will experience the most DIVINE SOURCE LIGHT energy  ~ and learn how to activate this LIGHT WITHIN YOU ~ where your life will begin to shine & flow in ways you never knew were possible.

Instead of trying to fix all you believe is wrong with you, WE FOCUS ON AWAKENING YOUR LIGHT WITHIN ~ which is so powerful it simply dissolves all that you think/feel is wrong with you.

When you can find out the reason WHY something has happened in your life, you can move out of being a victim into living a life that is filled with purpose.

In el Ma Ra’s PERSONALISED PROGRAMS, you can learn how to:

    • Connect to your own Divinity through a short 5th Dimension Activation given to el Ma Ra in 1997 which has changed 1000’s of lives all over the world. This is a dynamic active meditation unlike the boring “close your eyes & clear your mind” meditations. 
    • TRANSMUTE your “stuff” into PERSONAL POWER effortlessly.
    • Connect with your own Highest Self, Angels & Spiritual Guidance team.
    • Live your Life on Purpose with more ease and grace & space to enJOY your life.
    • Become a powerful 5th Dimension Healer (if you wish to!)
    • Heal Mother Earth.
    • Learn more about the Quantum field and Quantum energy and unlocking the Infinite Light and LOVE that exists in your 100 trillion cells.
    • Activate, Awaken & Align your own Super Powers and Spiritual Gifts, Talents and  Abilities.
    • Timeline jump, what it is and how you can collapse old timelines of poverty, aging, lack, limitation  and environmental damage on Earth.
    • Raise your frequency so that you are in flow with the entire universe and making money and healing yourself and being free to live your life as you please is EASY.

and so much more.

These are no wishy washy white light training programs.
el Ma Ra’s programs are tailored to your individual requirements and are designed to transmute your “perceived” darkness to LIGHT and awaken the infinite power within you ~ so you can then use this power to help awaken and heal yourself and our Awakening world.

el can call upon any of her 40+ years of Spiritual training in this life (and many other lifetimes) to give you EXACTLY what you need at this time.

All training is with el Ma Ra and not some “mini me.”

You will most likely already KNOW you came here to do something special on Earth and your cells will be doing a happy dance right now, knowing you have finally found what you have been searching for.

If this is so, please read on or reach out through our Contact page and lets have a chat and see if this is indeed the right next step for you.

♥ 8th January, 2023 ♥
Really powerful energy in this one!!! I am buzzing and floating with this energy!!

Life is getting very peaceful, the energy of bliss feels delightful!!

I love, love this new vibration, something I had never really experienced properly prior to your work El!  
I feel untouchable, no irritants anywhere!!
This is the first time in my life I am experiencing the non stop magic and miracles each and every day and it has provided me the funds to treat myself in a special way!
Jackie Collins ~ Sedona Arizona

♥ 19th November, 2022 ♥
This lady is the real deal!! Out of a class of over 300 healers from around the World including the teachers and master, El ran circles around them in every possible category, genuine, authentic, truthful, a proper teacher who walked her talk ALL THE TIME, wise, knowledgeable, gifted, purely loving, caring and helpful!!
She is one extra special lady that I have waited all my life to meet and experience.
She showed me step 1 to her 5th Dimension connection and for the first time, I didn’t have to hope it was doing something, I could feel the difference for myself.

The difference is like night and day when I do or don’t do the exercise.
Just one example, it took away all my anxiety that I was so used to carrying in my energy field as part of my everyday life, so yes it works and quickly!!
Please check out El and see for yourself!! 😁
Jackie Collins ~ Sedona Arizona


♥ 28th October, 2022 ♥

I have had the pleasure and the privilege of having several one on one sessions with el Ma Ra, and each of them has been both powerful and amazing!
In those sessions, she has taught me invaluable tools and techniques that are allowing me to heal myself and to have better energetic hygiene in my healing practices with others. It feels like the Universe said to me “you’re doing good work; let’s send you someone with lots of experience to help you hone your skills”.
I wish I could say it has all been smooth sailing, though that has not been the case. Since I started working with el Ma Ra, some heavy and nasty stuff has come to the surface on my end, sometimes actually overwhelming stuff.
This has been great, because 1) it has surfaced and can now be addressed, and 2) because el Ma Ra has helped me deal with those overwhelming issues with such ease, grace and effectiveness, it feels like magic.
The more I learn, the more I realize it doesn’t have to be hard or complicated, it just has to be effective.
And el Ma Ra really delivers.

She is a powerful woman, a powerful healer, and a very gentle soul. You are in good hands with her, especially if you are on the more “advanced” end of the energetic spectrum.

-Adrián Morales Creel (StarSeed, Astrologer, Healer), Querétaro, México.


♥August 31st, 2022 ♥

Before my session with el Ma Ra, I had four previous sessions, including one with a Master Practitioner. The session I received from el Ma Ra was beyond my expectations, based on my previous experiences.

With her uncanny sensitivity, el Ma Ra brings a unique, multi-dimensional, no-nonsense approach to Spiritual Healing. She gently and lovingly held space for the wounded aspect we were working on (and I had worked with that same wounded aspect before in other sessions), and provided not only compassionate guidance, but some very much needed big-picture perspective that allowed the healing to turn into actual empowerment.

The transformation was breathtaking to watch, and I would not have believed it had it not happened to me!

It felt like my life-long issue was never there to begin with. I know it was there because that’s what the session was intended to work on… but before the session was over, it felt like it never happened in the first place.
The clearing was THAT powerful.
The unique magic and “flavor” that el Ma Ra brings to her work is extraordinary, and so are the results.
She is definitely the real deal!
I highly, highly recommend her work and I look forward to having more sessions with her!
– Adrian Morales Creel, Queretaro, Mexico.  


People ask why do I charge so much. That’s why!

Because I have 40+ years experience just in this life ~ plus decades of testimonials.

I help people all over the world ~ when all others have failed.
I am in constant connection with SOURCE & my Highest Guidance DAILY.
I also have not drank alcohol or taken any drugs for over 35 years so that I could be a CLEAR CHANNEL FOR SOURCE.

I work with you one-on-one.  I help you awaken your specific gifts and purpose. Therefore each program is downloaded exactly to your needs. I DO NOT TEACH the same regurgitated information with a different spin on it!

The most important reason is because I AM WORTH IT!

If YOU have not realised that YOU ARE WORTH MORE than a house or a car or a holiday ~  then you are NOT ready for our teachings. 


Want to know more about el Ma Ra’s
Powerful  Training Programs?

There are three programs el Ma Ra offers that can change your life forever.
All training is personalised to your specific requirements and el has delivered these exact programs all over the world by phone for more than a decade.
We are not cheap. However you will never need anything else once you know who you truly are and connect to your own Wisdom, Light and Power within.

Would you like to become a POWERFUL 5th Dimension Spiritual Activator?
10 week online training commences in May 2023, in a small intimate group of extraordinary human beings committed to AWAKENING their In
finite Soul & gifts.

PLEASE complete the Contact Form to set up a Discovery Session to find out more.
You will save $1000’s on this first online training program.

Activate your own 5th Dimension Spiritual LIGHT within. Live in more Bliss.
ONE-on-ONE 1 day training.

Can be delivered in 2 half days for overseas clients.

This one day program is PERFECT for those people who have been on their path a long time and have become stuck or stagnant.
Or those that know exactly what to do and need a good push in the right direction to get moving again.
Or even those that KNOW they came here to help heal Earth and her people but have no idea where to start.

Click on the LINK below to check out DECADES OF TESTIMONIALS.

Then request a Discovery Session via the Contact Form on this website if you feel this may be the right next step for you.

5th Dimension10 week One-on-One Spiritual Intensive. Activate your own Spiritual Gifts.

This powerful 10 weeks will activate the 5th Dimension within you and raise you up into your Higher Purpose for being here on Earth at this time.

It is for people beyond healing modalities and are ready to take the next step to your enlightenment.

Offered all over the world by phone or internet, this is our most popular program & we have tons of testimonials to confirm this.

Click below for more info.

ETERNAL SOURCE POWER ONE YEAR FULL SOUL IMMERSION. Step into Quantum Consciousness and SOAR.  ( A half year option is available.)

Are you ready to access the INFINITE Quantum Power and Spiritual Gifts within you right now?

This is no wishy washy white Light training.

 It is about AWAKENING the Magnificent POWER that has always existed within YOU!

Best of the best, el Ma Ra draws on her 40+ years of Spiritual Teachings to help you. AVAILABLE ALL OVER THE WORLD to only 10 clients per year.


Please click below for more info and then complete the Contact Form on this website ~ WITH YOUR FULL PHONE NUMBER and we will be in touch soon.

About el Ma Ra

hands and light

For over 40 years, el Ma Ra has empowered 1000’s of people all over the world to connect to their own INFINITE PEACE, POWER & POTENTIAL WITHIN through the 5th Dimension.

el Ma Ra has been at the forefront of AWAKENING CONSCIOUSNES since she stopped a woman dying of a massive heart attack in her early 20’s which was documented as a miracle so the woman could leave hospital…. And so her journey began with Reiki and 4 foolscap pages of “woo woo” qualifications over the next 15 years!
But something was still missing!

After lots of meditating and swearing at God after a particularly bad day, an Angel called Jeffrey with a “J”  appeared at 2am in the morning telling el Ma Ra to turn the LIGHT ON. She knew exactly what he meant ~ it was time to go within.
hen the following happened;

In 1997 Spirit began teaching el Ma Ra how to connect to the 5th Dimension.

In the early 2000’s el Ma Ra taught other people how to connect to the 5th Dimension.
Then in 2008 el Ma Ra opened a Spiritual Temple in Melbourne and began teaching other powerful Spiritual Healers how to connect people to the 5th Dimension.

In 2015, the QUANTUM FIELD CAME CALLING after circumstances made el Ma Ra ran flat out for 7 hours straight.  She was in her mid 50’s!
A few years ago the QUANTUM ESP work came in where we collapse old timelines of poverty & lack & limitation & environmental damage & fear & so much more.
Just recently the QUANTUM HEART work came in and OH MY GOD!
The miracles are mind blowing!


 For the last 2 decades, el Ma Ra’s work has been focused on the ever expanding, ever growing, ever changing Awakening world we are all currently living in.
More and more, we are all becoming the Infinite Beings we were born to be ~ as more people AWAKEN TO THE LIGHT AND POWER WITHIN US ALL. 

el Ma Ra has been teaching anyone who is ready to step fully into their unlimited brilliance, magnificence and Higher Purpose for being here on Earth at this time.

You do not become all you came here to be by focusing on your darkness and what is “wrong” with you.

You focus on your Quantum 5th Dimension LOVE and LIGHT and allow the beautiful gorgeous Infinite Being of Light YOU ALREADY are ~ that is so powerful ~ to simply dissolve all that you “perceive” is dark.

This is now the basis of all el Ma Ra’s teachings and she shows people how to effortlessly shift your life into one of much more love, abundance, bliss and MUCH less pain and suffering.

el Ma Ra’s absolute JOY and PASSION in life is seeing you embrace all your QUANTUM 5th Dimension SPIRITUAL POWER within ~ find your own “SUPER POWERS” and witnessing you live a rich, joyous and beautifully abundant life ~ NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE AT RIGHT NOW.

For el Ma Ra’s full bio on her fascinating life, please click here:


What others say about el Ma Ra


OMG el Ma Ra ~ I know you are powerful but this tops the cake! I am a powerful Healer myself of 15+ years & my life stopped working in February last year. Everything slowed to a halt & did not start again until I starting working with you this year!
I had completed your Christ Consciousness Activation in January & the Sacred Light Transmissions in April & KNEW I had to do the DIVINE SOUL AWAKENING SPIRITUAL INTENSIVE which costs $5888.

However we had just paid out $20,000 in taxes & I knew my hubby would have a heart attack if he knew I spent that much money on myself & I did not want to lie to him.
el Ma Ra told me not to lie to him ~ and told me to ask GOD if they wanted me to do this program then to bring me the money now! Within 5 hours of making this request ~ $93,000 showed in my life. ~ YES $93,000 ~ WOOOOO HOOOOO.  Unbelievable!!

However this is the best bit! ~ BEFORE THE CHEQUE EVEN CLEARED ~ BOTH OF MY BUSINESSES TOOK OFF & I WAS ABLE TO PAY $4000 of the $5888 within a week!
We are only 3 weeks into my Spiritual Intensive & I have cleared more poop & stuff about my sexual abuse than I have in the last 10 years. I have worked with many healers over the years & YOU ARE THE FIRST HEALER that has truly impacted my life & made significant magnificent changes in such a short while. My personal & business life continue to soar after every weekly Spiritual Life Coaching session with you.
I cannot even begin to imagine where I might be at the end of these 10 weeks ~ because I have already achieve far more than I ever dreamed was possible in just 3 short weeks. THANK YOU ~ THANK YOU ~ THANK YOU el Ma Ra & THANK YOU GOD for allowing our paths to cross.

This is one truly powerful Spiritual Teacher everyone & if you are stuck anywhere in your life ~ el Ma Ra will get you moving again.

CORINE ~ Spiritual Healer & Teacher ~ NEW YORK USA


Brad (OZ) ~ Thank you, Thank you, Thank you el! ~ As always, an amazing program. I am in for next month too.
See/hear you all soon.



Nova (OZ) ~ My cells are filled with life and love! And I feel more confident already after a tough few years.


Ansa (South Africa) ~ The energy is awesome. I feel lighter and my brain feels clearer and more focused. Whenever I feel challenging situations your teachings come back to me.


The connection to spirit was in my body quite obvious, my whole body was tingling all over and I was crying for about 10 minutes and at the end of my crying I started laughing and then I was fine and now I feel GREAT. I think it is interesting to feel spirit for the first time. I was aware of spirit being in me and it kind of overwhelmed me in a good way. It was a VERY POWERFUL experience to be connected to spirit .. unique … I didn’t expect this to happen on the first webinar, but it did.




Thanks again el ~ I am feeling so much better.
You are a true healer & friend.
God bless you.
Dr John ~ Chiropractor ~ New South Wales.


I have just experienced the most profound 10 weeks of my life!  
This course totally surpassed my expectations.
I commenced my first session with a long list of goals and I met all of them and some.  
I have experienced chronic health issues for years which were compounded by a highly sensitive/empathic nature.  
Everything was a struggle and I have tried so many practitioners, treatments and courses just to make life more ‘liveable’.  
el Ma Ra supported me in creating extraordinary shifts in my life in a very short space of time.  
I have learnt tools to have a deep connection with my soul, something I have yearned for my whole life.  I now understand how to be empathic but not to be affected by the energies I come into contact with.  
I have loads more energy, my mind is clearer, my intuition has skyrocketed,
I feel more empowered, more focused, more productive, more creative, more relaxed, more peaceful, I feel less pain in my body, I am living more in the present, and I can speak my mind and my truth without being consumed by emotion.  

I feel happier, healthier and more connected than I have ever been and it feels amazing! 
On top of all this, I am beginning a new career.  
This course has pulled me out of a deep, dark well, put me firmly on my soul’s path and shown me which sign posts to read. 
I was extremely nervous about spending the money on myself to do this course, but I would do it all again!  
El is an extraordinary woman, healer, teacher, mentor and friend.  
I love her no-nonsense approach.  She is real and she is extremely gifted.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart el Ma Ra, I look forward to working with you again very soon.  
This is only just the beginning!

LUCY Melbourne,  10 Week 5th Dimension Spiritual Intensive



Dorene (USA) ~ I just listened to the last 2 Transmissions and I could HUG you to pieces for the GAIA ONE chant el. I just did it & the return to my center & PEACE was INSTANT!!! ~ ESPAVO!!



Sandy (Philippines) ~ Thank you so much el once again for your kind generosity, I am enjoying these transmissions immensely.


Since meeting el I have learnt all about the 5th Dimension, 6th Density meditations, met my Angels and Higher Guidance and learnt to communicate with other Higher levels such as the Arcturians on the 13th Dimension and loved ones on the other side.

I have also learnt to do several different styles of healing including Sound, Animal & Distance Healings and I can feel & balance auras & chakras. I’ve learnt how powerful GOOD aromatherapy oils & crystals are & heaps more.
I have received a wealth of information from el over the past 2 years.
However it is only since I began the personalised 1 on 1,  25 week Spiritual Training that my own individual and unique gifts and talents have been fully awakened so that I can apply them in my every day life.

I can highly recommend el as a warm and inspiring, practical, down to earth Spiritual Teacher who is a lots of fun to be around and gives awesome hugs.

Love & light, Dee,
INTERNATIONAL STUNT WOMAN & Principal/Owner Dee-fined Balance & Personal Trainer, Melbourne, Australia.

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