Hi all you Gorgeous Beings of Light,
My name is el Ma Ra Seraphim & I am currently living in the spectacular hinterland on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia ~ having recently moved back to Queensland to retire ~ not that that was ever really going to happen!
I have been a Quantum Teacher & Spiritual Life Coach for the past 20 years and the 10 years before that, a 5th Dimension Healer. And excavating my own poop, as Jennifer calls it for the 10 years prior!

My ENTIRE adult life has been dedicated to the uplifting of Humanity!
I have literally thousands of miracles that have happened to me and my clients over the past 40 years. I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams ~ although the journey has not always been easy! It is much easier now THANK GOD!

I recently entered a short story writing competition ~ just for the fun of it and I caught the writing bug! I have had a BOOK TITLE floating around in my head for the past 25 years but never knew where to start! And had always doubted my ability to be a good writer because 15 years ago, an editor had said I was a terrible writer. God why do we listen to people like that!

Now I don’t care. I don’t care that I am a bit dyslexic & write things back to front. I don’t care if it is a good book or not. I don’t even care if nobody likes it ~ although based on recent feedback, I am sensing that people are going to love it.

What matters is that I love writing. I love the place I go to within myself and how everything just flows out of me. And I really love that my dyslexia DOES NOT COME THROUGH WHEN I AM WRITING MY BOOK!

At the moment I am correcting every second word I write here! Which brings me to the fact that after a while ~ when I get to know you ~ I can’t be bothered correcting my mistakes!
Science tells us that we are all so damn smart that so long as all the letters are there, your brain will read the right word, whether I have spelt it correctly or not!

I ALSO WILL TYPE IN CAPITALS ~ NOT BECAUSE I AM SHOUTING!!! (I am not sure who made up that silly rule but I refuse to buy into it.) Sometimes I just like to shake things up a little. Mostly it is ebcause I am a really bad typist & sometimes my little pinky hits the caps lock button instead of the letter “A” & it happens so often I can’t be bothered changing what I have already typed.

So please do not ASSUME I AM SHOUTING just because you see caps. Breathe & feel into my words & you will see/hear/feel/know that I am nothing but pure powerful Source Love and Light that I shine out into the world everyday.
I am also well known for calling a spade a spade, a shovel a shovel and a brick a brick!

What else can I tell you about me. I live on a 4 acre property surrounded by trees & birds & nature with my 2 rescue cats Tiger & Misty. I dreamt about Tiger the night before I found him in an advert. He was in the suburb I live in!! It was meant to be & I have been madly in love with him ever since.
Misty is a cranky, moody cat that will take your finger off if you are not paying attention!! Never in my life have I not been able to win a rescue animal over within days of meeting them. So she is teaching me to love something that basically does not want to be loved. She is slowly coming around! Six months in and she now will come sleep on my bed! Yahhhh. ????????????

I LOVE TO COOK and I am an awesome at making anything taste delicious including a lettuce leaf!! I love mediating and spending hours hanging out with Mother Earth and my friends on the other side!
I am a chatter box ~ bet you didn’t guess that!!! He he he and I love deep and meaningful conversations with beautiful people about life and Spirit. ????????????

I have grand plans to build a ONE EARTH Temple, preferably by the sea, thus the move back to Queensland.
I would really love for that to be a physical Temple where like minded Souls come to live, grow our own food, eat, pray and meditate together for HUMANITY.

I would also love it if we could all communicate with our Galactic brothers & sisters and learn how to COLLAPSE the OLD TIMELINES of illness and disease, poverty & limitation, environmental disasters and RENEW Mother Earth…..and so much more.

I just have to keep working towards finding a way to make all this happen.

So that’s a little more about me!
I am so trusting that I am not way to woo woo for you!
I have learnt there is woo woo & then there’s “that just way too woo woo for me and I am not ready to talk about all that power that exists within us all”  I AM READY TO TALK ABOUT ALL THAT POWER THAT EXISTS WITHIN US ALL.

I am so looking forward to connecting with you all and learning more about your big plans for your life and our magical world.

Beautiful blessings from the spectacular Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.
el Ma Ra Seraphim????????????????