Master Teacher, Quantum Sage/Mentor,
Soul Awakening & Spiritual Life Coach


Are you ready to experience your own Infinite Potential?

You are an infinite, eternal, rich, abundant, gorgeous, GORGEOUS, sexy, radiant, powerful Being of Light.

You are not broken & you do not need fixing.

You just need to remember the MAGNIFICENCE OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE.


For almost 40 years, el Ma Ra has empowered thousands of people all over the world to connect to their own INFINITE POTENTIAL WITHIN.

All of el Ma Ra’s programs are designed for the Advanced Spiritual Seeker, world and community leaders, Spiritual Entrepreneurs and anyone ready to connect to their own divine essence.

Working with el Ma Ra is an extraordinary opportunity to access the most powerful part of who you are: your quantum super-conscious heart and mind, and the untapped lying dormant in every one of your hundreds and trillions of cells and telomeres.

el Ma Ra’s work is most beneficial for those who:

  • Are seriously ready to tap into and learn how to use their own divine superpowers and unique spiritual gifts.
  • May have wealth, health, or wellness challenges that they know can be healed but have not been able to do so.
  • Have been on their spiritual journey for some time but are still struggling (especially if you are still looking at poop from the past that you “need to heal from” to move forward).
  • Believe that in this global ascension we’ve all felt brewing, the priority
  • must be on rising above the fear, rather than succumbing to it.

So, are you ready to live your life on purpose: filled with more love, energy, joy, peace, money, and abundance than you ever dreamed was possible?

If you have all of the bright shining objects outside of you: the perfect website or social media or funnels or webinars or branding or team or goals or intentions or money or anything else people tell you you need to be successful and happy, and you are still struggling, you are in the right place! Because NONE of those things matter unless you are in alignment with your own truth.

OMG el Ma Ra ~ I know you are powerful but this tops the cake! I am a powerful Healer myself of 15+ years & my life stopped working in February.
Everything slowed to a halt & did not start again until I starting working with you this year! I had completed your Christ Consciousness Activation in January & the Sacred Light Transmissions in April & KNEW I had to do the DIVINE SOUL AWAKENING SPIRITUAL INTENSIVE.
However we had just paid out $20,000 in taxes & I knew my hubby would have a heart attack if he knew I spent that much money on myself & I did not want to lie to him.
el Ma Ra told me not to lie to him ~ and told me to ask GOD if they wanted me to do this program then to bring me the money now!
Within 5 hours of making this request ~ $93,000 showed in my life. ~ YES $93,000 ~ WOOOOO HOOOOO, Unbelievable!!
We are only 3 weeks into my Spiritual Intensive & I have cleared more poop & stuff about my sexual abuse than I have in the last 10 years.
I have worked with many healers over the years & YOU ARE THE FIRST HEALER that has truly impacted my life & made significant magnificent changes in such a short time
My personal & business life continue to soar after every weekly Spiritual Life Coaching session with you. I cannot even begin to imagine where I might be at the end of these 10 weeks ~ because I have already achieve far more than I ever dreamed was possible in just 3 short weeks.
THANK YOU ~ THANK YOU ~ THANK YOU el Ma Ra & THANK YOU GOD for allowing our paths to cross. This is one truly powerful Spiritual Teacher everyone & if you are stuck anywhere in your life ~ el Ma Ra will get you moving again.

Spiritual Healer & Teacher, New York, USA

el Ma Ra’s Current Services

el Ma Ra works all over the world by phone.

She offers one-on-one quantum divine feminine mentoring, coaching, and consulting for visionary millionaires and entrepreneurs.

Please check out el’s current life coaching and mentoring packages on the GODDESSENCE™ page.

You will know once you have checked out the decades of testimonials on this website if you would like to work with el Ma Ra. When you have decided you are ready for her help, you may complete the contact form below, or on this page. You must fill out every option and leave a full telephone number including the country code, as el is based in Australia. Please tell el why you want her help, as this helps her ascertain whether you are an energetic match for her programs at the moment. 

Everything is impossible til you make it possible

On October 20th 2015, due to some unforeseen circumstances ~ el Ma Ra who was in her 50’s ~ RAN FLAT OUT NON-STOP for 7 hours. She was previously incapable of running for 7 minutes prior to this ~ well at least without bitching about it!!!

One month later she again ran for another 8 hours non-stop.
Both times she awoke the next day with no pain or stiffness anywhere in her body!

el Ma Ra spent the next 2 months working with SOURCE to find out how we could ACCESS THIS INFINITE PART OF WHO WE TRULY ARE AT WILL.

It is this information and the last 5 years working in the QUANTUM FIELD that is the basis of all el Ma Ra’s programs being offered on this website.


Please be warned ~ this is NOT some regurgitated Spiritual information with a different spin on it.

el Ma Ra offers the latest ADVANCED SOUL AWAKENING techniques and energy processes to assist YOU to AWAKEN your own Super Powers, Divine Essence and your unique purpose for being here on Earth at this powerful time of AWAKENING of ALL Human Beings on Earth.

This Awakening is happening whether you are aware of it or not!

You can either awaken consciously with more joy and GRACE in your life.
The great thing is that you do get to choose!

If you would prefer to AWAKEN with more GRACE and SPACE to enJOY an even bigger life ~ el Ma Ra rocks in this area!

Whether in a her 10 week “QUANTUM LOVE LIGHT INTENSIVES ~ where she supports you with daily Divine Soul Support and Sacred Light Transmissions and weekly one-on-one Spiritual Coaching & Mentoring~ OR through one of her personalised 7 day Retreats ~ el Ma Ra has been successfully empowering people for more than 40 years with her no nonsense ~ practical down to earth Spiritual Teachings.

There are DECADES of testimonials ~ 55 plus pages ~ on this website of the UNIQUE gifts, healing and SOUL AWAKENINGS many people have experienced after spending time with el Ma Ra.

IF YOU SERIOUSLY WANT to know the MAGNIFICENCE OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE ~ and how beautiful your life can really be ~ please contact el Ma Ra and request a Discovery Session & lets see how we can help you.

Minimal info is available on all our Spiritual program ~ because each program is channeled exactly to each clients requirements.

YOU CAN APPLY for a Discovery Session by emailing and letting us know WHY you wish to work with el Ma Ra.

Discovery Sessions are done by phone all over the world ~ so please remember to include your full phone number including country & area codes in your email.



About el Ma Ra

el Ma Ra is a Master Teacher, 5th Dimension Spiritual Life Coach and Soul Awakener. el helps people all over the world step into their own magnificence and limitless Being ~ with ease and grace ~ through embracing and loving our Light and using our perceived darkness as the doorway to our enlightenment ~ a complete 180 turnaround from 20 years ago!

We are all changing. Our world is changing. The way we heal ourselves has changed. Even our search for Enlightenment has changed!

Enlightenment 50 years ago meant meditating in a cave up on top of a mountain completely removed from life and material possessions.

Todays Enlightened people are fully immersed in life ~ creating change and lots of money (to help heal our world) and leading people into all they came here to be.

el Ma Ra is part of this new leadership here to help awaken a new higher consciousness of limitless possibilities ~ with ease and grace for ALL Human Beings.

Raised on a farm ~ el spent the first 20 years of her life living in an extremely negative and dysfunctional environment.

el Ma Ra's Spiritual journey began in her early 20's when she stopped a colleague dying of a massive heart attack by placing her hands on her chest ~ which 5 days later was documented as a miracle so the woman could leave hospital.
All the woman's blood tests showed she'd had a massive heart attack and should be dead and all her heart tests showed she had the heart function of someone in their early 20's ~ which was el Ma Ra's age at that time!

She then spent the next 15 years studying all things “woo woo” trying to heal her “stuff”.
After acquiring 4 pages of qualifications, el Ma Ra was still lost and confused about her purpose here on Earth.

Following a day of complete despair and begging God to take her home ~ an Angel called Jeffrey with a “J” appeared at the foot of el Ma Ra’s bed at 2am in the morning and simply said ~ “if you are stumbling around in the dark ~ just turn the light on!”

el Ma Ra’s focus immediately shifted from focusing on what was wrong with her to living in the present moment.
In 1997 Spirit began teaching el Ma Ra how to connect to the 5th Dimension.
In the early 2000’s el Ma Ra taught other people how to connect to the 5th Dimension.
Then in 2008 el Ma Ra opened a Spiritual Temple in Melbourne and began teaching other powerful Spiritual Healers how to connect people to the 5th Dimension.

For the last 2 decades, el Ma Ra’s work has been on the ever expanding, ever growing, ever changing Awakening world and every day becoming more of the infinite beings we all are ~ and teaching anyone who is ready to step fully into their brilliance and magnificence and higher purpose for being here on Earth at this time.

You do not become all you came here to be by focusing on your darkness.
You focus on your LOVE and LIGHT and allow the beautiful gorgeous Infinite Being of Light YOU ALREADY are ~ that is so powerful ~ to simply dissolve all that you “perceive” is dark.

This is now the basis of all el Ma Ra’s teachings and she shows people how to effortlessly shift their life into one of less pain and suffering and much more love, abundance and bliss.

el Ma Ra's absolute JOY and PASSION in life is seeing you embrace all your power within ~ find your own "super powers" and witnessing you live a rich, joyous, beautiful abundant life ~ NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE AT RIGHT NOW.

el Ma Ra does this through Spiritual Life Coaching and Soul Awakening Mentoring sessions, QUANTUM Intensives and ONE YEAR FULL SOUL IMMERSION.

el has also been working in the 5th Dimension since 1997 and the QUANTUM FIELD since 2015  and therefore does extremely powerful Divine Light Language Activations and  Transmissions as well.

el Ma Ra is NOT CHEAP ~ however her work is powerful and most people never need another training program after working with her because you are connected to your own INFINITE POTENTIAL.

el Ma Ra is currently living in Australia and works all over the world.
She loves cooking, writing, speaking, animals, the ocean and nature and is very passionate about making sure one day (soon) all children in the world are safe with a warm bed to sleep in and food in their tummy.

If you would like to work with el Ma Ra ~ one on one ~ please apply for a Discovery Session by clicking on the Contact el Ma Ra button below.


So, are you ready to dance in the quantum field?


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