10 February 2018

So many people are under the illusion that the only way to connect to the Divine within is in complete STILLNESS ~ to which I say what a load of phooey!
REALLY if you have been on your spiritual path for even a short while you will know that “QUIETENING THE MIND” is much harder said than done!
And God help anyone who interrupts you ~ especially if you just got “there”.
When I was 22 years old I stopped a woman dying of a massive heart attacked which was documented as a miracle in the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth WA.
Was that all still & silent? ~ GOD NO!
Did I even have any idea that was what was happening at the time it was all happening? ~ of course not!
And truth be known if I did know ~ I most likely would have shat myself anyway!
But I was too busy yelling at people and bossing them around as no-one had bothered to call an ambulance or the woman’s family.
Nothing like a double Libran to bring order to chaos and calm in a storm!
My very first Kundalini/Cosmic orgasm experience happened about 6 months prior while making wild passionate love to some gorgeous kind young man who was 3 years younger than me! (That came about after I was upset about some other guy
who treated me badly & this beautiful young man was consoling me!)
So again ~ no lovey dovey gooey moment that brought on this powerful Source connection!
I later broke up with this gorgeous young guy because I thought I was too old for him!
I look back now from my late 50’s & think “what a bloody idiot I was on that one”.
I wish I knew at 22 years old what I know now ~ that I was indeed worthy of that kind of love!
The first ANGEL I ever saw ~ called “Jeffrey with a J” appeared at the foot of my bed at 2am in the morning in my late 30’s ~ after a horrible day of despair ~ where I had sobbed my heart out for more than 6 hours ~ vowing that I would find a gun & kill myself if God …. or someone did not come and help me. I had gone to bed at 8pm ~ exhausted with a pounding headache.
Again the Divine was present in my greatest moment of despair!
There was obviously a lot more to that story but you get the general picture!
Then last year after some ass poisoned my roses & disrupted my house moving plans ~ I ran flat out non-stop for 7 hours packing my entire house before my removalist came at 1pm!
There was no courteous humble request of Source ~ just a “GOD you got to help me” at 6am in the morning while sitting on the loo ~ after I woke up barely able to walk from all the digging & bending to replant my roses the previous day before the poison traveled down the stems to the roots!
Prior to this event I was unable to run for 7 minutes!
I saved every one of my roses too ~ when many people said it was not possible!
Another important point to consider in this story is ~ “was the guy really an ass or was he just playing his part in the big scheme of things ~ so that I would learn that I was even more powerful than I already knew myself to be!”
These are just 4 miracles out of a hundred ~ no maybe HUNDREDS!
MIRACLES are a part of my everyday life.
You may say ~ well that was the Kundalini experience at 22 that caused all this to happen.
However that does not explain how at 17 years old, my friend & I hit a semitrailer truck head on in my Morris 1500 (she was driving) & walked away with cuts & bruising & not one broken bone between us!
And NO I was definitely NOT raised in a positive family…. MORE LIKE THE MOST DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY ON EARTH!
Otherwise I would have known at 22 I was worthy of that kind of special love!!!
My point is this ~ you may very well be able to connect to Source in stillness and that is fine.
BUT IT IS DEFINITELY NOT THE ONLY WAY TO BECOME AWARE OF THE GREATNESS OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE! The key is to be connected IN EVERY MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE ~ no matter what is happening ~ good and bad ~ although when we get fully connected we know there is no such thing as good and bad ~ these are our human perceptions! They are NOT DIVINE~ as good and bad, right and wrong etc do not exist in DIVINE ONENESS ~ only in Duality or Separation Consciousness!
My personal experience is that when the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD OR SOURCE OR THE UNIVERSE ~ or whatever name you wish to call it ~ wakes up inside of you ~ it is ANYTHING but STILL or silent!!!
Yes it can be still and silent ~ but my personal experience is that it is alive & creative & joyous & powerful & abundant & rich & noisy & even chaotic!
It is all very well to be still & silent ~ but if any type of noise moves you out of your centre ~ then maybe it is time to look at how connected you really are.
Don’t get me wrong ~ I LOVE MY PEACE & QUIET ~ living with a teenage boy after not living with anyone for more than a decade is teaching me heaps.
Staying connected to your own heart & not picking up other people’s poop is definitely an advantage.
BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY ~ listening ~ really listening with your whole body ~ with your 100 trillion cells & the 99.39% of you that is already ~ YES ALREADY CONNECTED TO THE DIVINE SOVEREIGN BEING YOU ALREADY ARE ~ will enable you to have a truly powerful connection to ALL THAT IS ~ and you might just experience breakthroughs in your life like spontaneous healing of your body or indescribable joy and bliss or unbelievable miracles that you could not have dreamed up or set a goal for ~ even if you tried to!
DROP ALL THE RULES ~ LIVE in the moment ~ be authentic and real ~ stop pretending to be spiritual BECAUSE YOU ALREADY ARE ~ YOU WERE BORN SPIRITUAL ~ tell a few good jokes & have a big laugh ~ dance & sing as often as you can…… even if you cannot sing like me & don’t take shit from anyone!
More importantly ~ if it is not your shit ~ DO NOT PICK IT UP!
This is your journey on Earth ~ follow what feels right for you ~ NOT what someone else tells you you should be doing!
IF YOU WORK TOWARDS BEING FULLY PRESENT IN EACH MOMENT & COMPLETELY HONEST AT ALL TIMES ~ no matter what you are feeling ~ then you have a greater chance of miracles & magic flowing through you.
We know this is true because some of my year long students have themselves experienced powerful HUGE BREAKTHROUGHS TO THEIR OWN SOURCE ~ when I was angry or pissed off about something & having a big rant ~ because the energy was real & not edited in any way & was coming honestly from my core!
LIKEWISE ~ we have SANG & PLAYED LOUD ROCK & ROLL MUSIC ~ like U2’s “It’s a beautiful day “~ stayed connected to our soul & had big BLISS OUTS as well!!
One of my fondest teaching memories was when we had a DANCE PARTY WITH OUR ANGELS one night during a 10 day LIVE IN SPIRITUAL RETREAT in 2009!
I dare say my students fondest memory too!
The more you know this in every cell of your Being ~ the more exquisite moments of magic & miracles you will have on a daily basis ~ whether you are in stillness, cooking dinner, crying, fighting, dancing or making love ♥♥♥
That’s all folks ~ May you all be blessed beyond your wildest dreams ~ now & forever more.
Namaste ~ love ~ love ~ love ~ el Ma Ra.
I will include a link for a powerful breakthrough story of my own that contains some fairly awesome DIVINE ACTIVATION’S in it.
If you listen to it with your whole body (not just your ears) ~ you may just feel a shift happen over the coming days.
Listen for 28 days if you really want some big shifts to happen in your life.

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