What a hoot!
As most of you know I live very much in the present moment.
Which has it’s blessings & it’s interesting moments!
So for most of the last year I have thought I was born in 1957 & I was 59 years old.
Since I feel younger than I did in my 20’s ~ the number of years of I have been here on earth is irrelevant to me!
I seriously do not mind being older & wiser. And I certainly do not want to go back & be 18 again!!! People only say that when they are not living fully in this moment!!
Recently while being identified I told the person I was born in 1957 & she told me I was not!
Miffed I get my Drivers Licence out & find out that I was actually born in 1959 & I will be 57 next birthday!!!
Arhh the JOYS of being dyslexic ~ living in the moment and not really giving a toss about how old I am

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