OMG el Ma Ra ~ I know you are powerful but this tops the cake! I am a powerful Healer myself of 15+ years & my life stopped working in February last year. Everything slowed to a halt & did not start again until I starting working with you this year!
I had completed your Christ Consciousness Activation in January & the Sacred Light Transmissions in April & KNEW I had to do the DIVINE SOUL AWAKENING SPIRITUAL INTENSIVE which costs $5888.
However we had just paid out $20,000 in taxes & I knew my hubby would have a heart attack if he knew I spent that much money on myself & I did not want to lie to him.
el Ma Ra told me not to lie to him ~ and told me to ask GOD if they wanted me to do this program then to bring me the money now! Within 5 hours of making this request ~ $93,000 showed in my life. ~ YES $93,000 ~ WOOOOO HOOOOO
Unbelievable!! However this is the best bit! ~ BEFORE THE CHEQUE EVEN CLEARED ~ BOTH OF MY BUSINESSES TOOK OFF & I WAS ABLE TO PAY $4000 of the $5888 within a week!
We are only 3 weeks into my Spiritual Intensive & I have cleared more poop & stuff about my sexual abuse than I have in the last 10 years. I have worked with many healers over the years & YOU ARE THE FIRST HEALER that has truly impacted my life & made significant magnificent changes in such a short while. My personal & business life continue to soar after every weekly Spiritual Life Coaching session with you.
I cannot even begin to imagine where I might be at the end of these 10 weeks ~ because I have already achieve far more than I ever dreamed was possible in just 3 short weeks. THANK YOU ~ THANK YOU ~ THANK YOU el Ma Ra & THANK YOU GOD for allowing our paths to cross.

This is one truly powerful Spiritual Teacher everyone & if you are stuck anywhere in your life ~ el Ma Ra will get you moving again.

CORINE ~ Spiritual Healer & Teacher ~ NEW YORK USA


10 Week Spiritual Intensive


♥♥♥ 28th October, 2022 ♥♥♥
I have had the pleasure and the privilege of having several one on one sessions with el Ma Ra, and each of them has been both powerful and amazing!

In those sessions, she has taught me invaluable tools and techniques that are allowing me to heal myself and to have better energetic hygiene in my healing practices with others. It feels like the Universe said to me “you’re doing good work; let’s send you someone with lots of experience to help you hone your skills”.

 I wish I could say it has all been smooth sailing, though that has not been the case. Since I started working with el Ma Ra, some heavy and nasty stuff has come to the surface on my end, sometimes actually overwhelming stuff.

This has been great, because 1) it has surfaced and can now be addressed, and 2) because el Ma Ra has helped me deal with those overwhelming issues with such ease, grace and effectiveness, it feels like magic.
The more I learn, the more I realize it doesn’t have to be hard or complicated, it just has to be effective.
And el Ma Ra really delivers.

She is a powerful woman, a powerful healer, and a very gentle soul. You are in good hands with her, especially if you are on the more “advanced” end of the energetic spectrum.

– Adrián Morales Creel (StarSeed, Astrologer, Healer), Querétaro, México.

Before my session with el Ma Ra, I had four previous sessions, including one with a Master Practitioner. The session I received from el Ma Ra was beyond my expectations, based on my previous experiences.

With her uncanny sensitivity, el Ma Ra brings a unique, multi-dimensional, no-nonsense approach to her work.
She gently and lovingly held space for the wounded aspect we were working on (and I had worked with that same wounded aspect before in other sessions), and provided not only compassionate guidance, but some very much needed big-picture perspective that allowed the healing to turn into actual empowerment.

The transformation was breathtaking to watch, and I would not have believed it had it not happened to me!

It felt like my life-long issue was never there to begin with. I know it was there because that’s what the session was intended to work on… but before the session was over, it felt like it never happened in the first place.
The clearing was THAT powerful.
The unique magic and “flavor” that el Ma Ra brings to her work is extraordinary, and so are the results. She is definitely the real deal!
I highly, highly recommend her work and I look forward to having more sessions with her!
– Adrian Morales Creel, Queretaro, Mexico. August 31st, 2022.






I have known el for 2 years now and have attended her workshops & Spiritual Developments Circles over that time.

Currently I am attending el’s 25 week Spiritual Training Program.

Since meeting el I have learnt all about the 5th Dimension, 6th Density meditations, met my Angels and Higher Guidance and learnt to communicate with other Higher levels such as the Arcturians on the 13th Dimension and loved ones on the other side.
I have also learnt to do several different styles of healing including Sound, Animal & Distance Healings and I can feel & balance auras & chakras. I’ve learnt how powerful GOOD aromatherapy oils & crystals are & heaps more.

I have received a wealth of information from el over the past 2 years.

However it is only since I began the personalised 1 on 1,  25 week Spiritual Training that my own individual and unique gifts and talents have been fully awakened so that I can apply them in my every day life.

I can highly recommend el as a warm and inspiring, practical, down to earth Spiritual Teacher who is a lots of fun to be around and gives awesome hugs.

Love & light, Dee,

INTERNATIONAL STUNT WOMAN & Principal/Owner Dee-fined Balance & Personal Trainer,
Melbourne, Australia.



I have known el Ma Ra, both as a friend and a spiritual healer, for only a short time, but the impact she has had on my life has been extraordinary. I met el last year through a mutual friend who knew I was going through a very challenging period of my life and knew el could help me. I had been feeling very doubtful about my future and about myself and felt like I had lost my sense of personal power. My father had recently found out he had cancer; I had relationship problems, work problems, and was just generally feeling very lost and unsure of life. After one session with el the impact on my life was immediate and I started to see positive changes in my work and more importantly in my relationships and how I felt about myself and about my life.

I was so impressed with el’s work that I asked her to come back to Sydney and stay with me for a few days so she could run one of her 1 day courses for my friends and I, and to hold private sessions for friends of mine that were interested in el’s healing sessions.

At the time of el Ma Ra ‘s visit I had discovered a lump in my left breast only weeks before, which had continued to grow and which had both my partner and I rather concerned. Having a strong family history of cancer I was scared that this could be a dangerous lump, so I had two sessions with el, where she focused on healing this lump. My sessions with el occurred only a couple of days prior to my appointment with the Breast Clinic and yet after weeks of this lump growing, I woke on the day of my appointment and couldn’t find the lump at all! In hindsight I could have saved myself $600 by not attending my appointment but I felt I had to be sure. So they ran a number of tests and could find no trace of a lump at all. Thanks el!

My most recent visit with el however has been my most important by far – in addition to my father having cancer, earlier this year we also found out my dear mother has terminal cancer and now has only weeks left to live. Both my parents are still only in they’re 50’s and should still have so many years ahead of them! After struggling through this on my own, trying to come to terms with it and still try to live some kind of normal existence, I reached a point where I felt like I wasn’t sure if I could continue to cope. I turned up on el’s doorstep (14 hours drive away!) and she kindly looked after me and spent 2 days helping to heal my spirit and my mind. The sadness and grief is still there of course, but there is a place of quietness now inside me where I know that I will, and I can, cope with this challenge and come out the other side a better person for it. Could I have done this on my own? Perhaps. I don’t know. But what I do know is that el Ma Ra helped me to reach this point much faster than had I tried to battle through on my own. Now I’m in a place where I can be there for my Mum and help her to understand that death is an unfortunate part of life but it doesn’t have to break your spirit, and that not only will I be OK when she passes, but more importantly, so will she, that she is going home – to a place where she will no longer feel pain, only love and peace. I have discussed in depth el’s words of wisdom and caring with my mum, and she also feels far more comforted by her own passing than she had before, where she lived each day scared of what would happen when she reached the end of her time here.

I can’t put a price on that experience, or the gift that el has given me through her healing. I just hope that in turn this healing makes its way around the world so that each one of us can be touched in some way – to help those of us who have many years ahead of us and want those years to be both happy and healthy ones, and also for those who’s life is coming to an end and who need to deal with both the realisation of that and the fear that comes with letting go.”


Sydney, 5th Dimension Healing & Spiritual Life Coaching 2004

have just experienced the most profound 10 weeks of my life!  
This course totally surpassed my expectations.
I commenced my first session with a long list of goals and I met all of them and some.  
I have experienced chronic health issues for years which were compounded by a highly sensitive/empathic nature.  
Everything was a struggle and I have tried so many practitioners, treatments and courses just to make life more ‘liveable’.  
el Ma Ra supported me in creating extraordinary shifts in my life in a very short space of time.  
I have learnt tools to have a deep connection with my soul, something I have yearned for my whole life.  I now understand how to be empathic but not to be affected by the energies I come into contact with.  
I have loads more energy, my mind is clearer, my intuition has skyrocketed,
I feel more empowered, more focused, more productive, more creative, more relaxed, more peaceful, I feel less pain in my body, I am living more in the present, and I can speak my mind and my truth without being consumed by emotion.  

I feel happier, healthier and more connected than I have ever been and it feels amazing! 
On top of all this, I am beginning a new career.  
This course has pulled me out of a deep, dark well, put me firmly on my soul’s path and shown me which sign posts to read. 
I was extremely nervous about spending the money on myself to do this course, but I would do it all again!  
El is an extraordinary woman, healer, teacher, mentor and friend.  
I love her no-nonsense approach.  She is real and she is extremely gifted.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart el Ma Ra, I look forward to working with you again very soon.  
This is only just the beginning!


Melbourne 10 Week Spiritual Intensive.

It’s hard to find the words to express my gratitude to you. It’s also hard to describe the changes you have bought about in me. I view the world very differently now… that is a huge blessing… my world is full of blessings that I now take the time to be grateful for. I want for nothing in my life! I have all that I could ever want thanks to the things you have taught me. I thank you for facilitating the change in my relationship with the child I lost from one of guilt and anguish to one of love and happiness. That is a gift that means more than words can express. From the bottom of my heart and with all my heart I thank you for coming into my life and helping me to face the things I didn’t want to face… for gently encouraging me to grow when I didn’t want to grow… for believing in me when I had little or no belief in myself & for allowing me to be myself and be loved for that person … a sometimes angry, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, sometimes stubborn person and no matter how I presented on any given day, you loved me unconditionally and very gently & lovingly encouraged me to do that for myself… to be all I can be. I still have a way to go with that, but I am now well on my way & I know that I create my future … its all in my heart.God sent me the greatest gift in 2010 & it came in the form of YOU! Love you lots,



Melbourne 5th Dimension Spiritual Healer Training

As a Doctor of Chiropractic and having studied the anatomical Sciences for more than five years, I had developed a scepticism towards “mystical” healing forces. As such, I would never have believed that I would be writing a testimonial for my now good friend el Ma Ra, who is undertaking a career in Holistic Healing. One year ago, I had been suffering with a painful and swollen knee for more than 2 years. Conservative and even Chiropractic care did not truly help me.

el casually offered to treat my knee with her “hands-on-healing” and I accepted her offer.Within an hour and a half the swelling and pain had subsided greatly. Within a few days all the pain and swelling had gone. Vanished! It is now one year later and the problem has not reappeared, even though she recommended another session or two.To this day I am both amazed and grateful to el and do willingly & happily support any of her future ventures and do certainly recommend her “powers” to any persons with nagging or ongoing injuries, conditions or problems. 



Dr of Chiropractic North PERTH

The connection to spirit was in my body quite obvious, my whole body was tingling all over and I was crying for about 10 minutes and at the end of my crying I started laughing and then I was fine and now I feel GREAT. I think it is interesting to feel spirit for the first time. I was aware of spirit being in me and it kind of overwhelmed me in a good way. It was a VERY POWERFUL experience to be connected to spirit .. unique … I didn’t expect this to happen on the first webinar, but it did.



Life results vary with each individual and we cannot guarantee that you will experience results similar to the testimonials presented on any of our pages or any results at all.
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el ~ Once again I am stumped at the power of 5th Dimensional Activations that you have taught me.

Firstly, I used to get these horrible stomach aches. (Like period pains, but they would come and go as they pleased for the entire month). I still get them every now and then, but I just go into my 5th Dimensional meditations and they just go away. (I can do my 5th dimensional meditations anytime anyplace now. It’s great!).

Secondly. There we were, on our farm on Saturday, at Neerim East, in the line of fire. The energy of the fire was amazing. I could feel it. But I just kept doing my 5th dimensional meditations, and kept telling the fire to stay away.

Our neighbours got a few glowing embers. We didn’t. (We got the cloud of smoke, the darkness, the power outage, the ash, the falling burnt leaves and bark, But no live embers.)

But what was most amazing was the horses. They stayed just so calm. I put them in a small paddock and said to them, “you will be safe here”. And they were just so calm and peaceful – normally I would expect more unrest when it’s raining burnt leaves, and the air is filled with smoke. After all, horses recognise that smoke is dangerous.

Thirdly. When we were under fire attack at the farm, and the power went out, my daughter was terrified. I could not move a metre away from her, without her panicking. Yet somehow, I managed to bath her in a cold bath, read her a story and put her to bed. She fell asleep peacefully, without any fear that I will leave her in the house, and go to fight the embers outside.

el, once again thank you, thank you and thank you.

It has amazed me what I can actually do. All the very best, Ania.
Ania Bodeit ~ Senior IBM Business Consultant. Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

The “WAKE UP & LIVE 10 day Soul Awakening Retreat” was a true “Awakening”.
I have done many years of fantastic and helpful spiritual and personal development courses, but this was the most powerful, uplifting and profound ten days of my life. I feel like I have just sent my physical , mental and spiritual bodies to the dry cleaners and have come back with the “original me”, having had cleansed lifetimes of negativity, fear, sadness, guilt and karma removed from every cell and atom of my being.
After a decade of trying, I have now healed my childhood wounds, that was the root cause of my limiting, self-sabotaging behaviours and feelings of lack of self-worth. Thank you!What I can’t believe was how effortless and quick the process was to heal this! Since the course finished I feel a total sense of stillness and bliss within, while feeling centred and self- assured. At the same time I feel energy available to me and flowing through me that is so powerful, I know I can create whatever I choose. I feel totally empowered and ready to be a great leader to the 80 staff in my business! I now look to the future feeling prepared, positive and a sense of purpose.
I am so excited about what’s ahead! Much love and thanks
Mark CEO



This all happened BEFORE the Treat began within a week of paying:
Thank you el,
So much movement and spirit guide help.
I’ve been invited to submit my drawings to a publishing company.
el you are my human guide lol.
Actually I’m in a place within myself to listen and put it all into action.

I have also received an order for prayer beads and this morning is was doubled as well as the Barefooted Medium has commissioned me to make her personal barefoot sandals as well as her own line.

Also singing bowl meditation Cd or download is coming and sales for bowls and workshops are moving like never before…
All I can say is WOW!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the beings here and beyond for the help and I’ll never stop listening and learning.
I’m bursting el I’m so excited to see you.
THIS AFTER her Weekend Treat:
Yes the light turned on, brighter than I’d ever known. I also went home ?
I was called back by my loved ones higher selves. I wanted to stay..

Ok so my left knee has been the best it’s been in weeks as to my neck and shoulders. My right knee has swollen to 3 times the size. I am doing the balancing every morning and when it gets to an overwhelming 7% I step away from what I’m doing ( which is trade work) and I shift myself…

I’m also sorry that I was unable to communicate there was a big part that felt a personal connection to where I went..

I’m extremely honoured that the universe bought us all together and that el was our guide..
Love to you all.



This happened BEFORE the Weekend Treat began:(4 days after she paid)
Last week I received a business proposal worth $75k over two years.
I have also gotten an additional client in my role of Personal Care

This AFTER Tanya’s Training:
Feeling amazing after a wonderfully spiritual weekend, spent connected to my Soul & the Universal Crystalline Grid with 5 most amazing women I am blessed to call friends.
Sometimes we lose focus of that side of us as we scurry around living, forgetting that we could move around more effectively when we are in touch with our ‘higher self’.

Thank you so much el Ma Ra, your wisdom and knowledge is truly a gift.

A pleasure to share time and space with you el, Lisa, Antonina, Fiona and Leony (our gracious host).
Regards, Tanya.



Well I have just discovered el Ma Ra’s new BREAK THRU TO THE OTHER SIDE / GODDESS CODES workshop. This SERAPHIM ANGEL has just given me a taste of her new Activation healings. About a month ago I tore my hamstring very badly which kept me bedridden for over a week and then in intense pain every time I moved those thigh muscles. I love to play the guitar and sing but haven’t been able to for years now due to my two forefingers which I haven’t been able to bend.

When I am down the South Coast I always love to catch up with el Ma Ra as I love her energy and she is so kind and loving. Her eyes say it all. They are a pastel blue like an angel.

After she realised I was in so much pain she very kindly did a healing on me with her new technique. Two minutes later, I could completely bend my forefingers which by the way a week later they are still bending!

She then focused on my legs and Sapristi, the miracles were on again. All pain disappeared.And with it came a sense of wellness which I hadn’t felt since the injury as it had affected my whole being.

Well I will be attending her BREAK THRU TO THE OTHER SIDE / GODDESS CODES training in Melbourne. This is miraculous work and I cannot thank el Ma Ra enough.

Rosemary Dan ~ Healer & Author ~ Sydney



Life results vary with each individual and we cannot guarantee that you will experience results similar to the testimonials presented on any of our pages or any results at all.
Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. ALL Testimonials are true and correct.

However, these statements or examples should not be viewed as promises or guarantees of results. Any statements have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Good Association. Results are affected by a number of factors over which we have no control. Please see extended disclaimer at bottom of this page.

Oh GOD ~ On Saturday night my Mother was taken to hospital suddenly with symptoms of slurred speech, disorientation, arm weakness etc & it was thought she may had a stroke. On Sunday I rang el Ma Ra to see if there was anything she could do.

She suggested a Distance healing since Mum was in Brisbane & el in Melbourne & asked for her full name & Date of Birth. el told me Sunday night she had sent through 3 x 20 minute Distance healings.

On Monday when I went to visit, my mother was back to normal. No symptoms at all & Doctors are baffled as to what had happened!

Thank you so much el ~ your work continues to amaze me & teach me so much.
I am so, so grateful for your healing work & for all you did for Mum ~ THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ~ Sue.


Distance Healing MIRACLE

el, as a practitioner of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Qi Gong for 18 years, I came to you because no other practitioner including myself, no matter how experienced, seemed to be able to resolve the energetic blockage that existed in my right upper abdomen. Although originally sceptical about Spiritual Healing, our 1st session left me in no doubt as to your power and clarity as a healer, and removed all scepticism.

Six months on, it almost defies me to express the phenomenal change that you have created within me. You have always made me feel safe, protected, supported and inspired, even in my most tender and vulnerable healing moments. I know that in future years I will look back at this time in my life as one of the most positive and pivotal times of change and for that I truly Thank You.
Winton Terry ~ Melbourne, Australia.


5th Dimension Spiritual Life Coaching & Healing Sessions

I attended this retreat to reconnect to my own JOY & to find “me” again after life & all its stresses found a way to disconnect me. I learnt that I am a magnificent Being of Light and I have everything I need right here inside of me as long as I stay connected to Source & commit time every day to nurturing that connection.  I found the retreat personally challenging & knew that if I could stay focused & let go of what I “thought it should be,” I would grow exponentially! – Which I did!!
I want to thank you el for being ‘real’ & and for teaching from your heart at all times. And for making sure that we did not let our ego stop us from reconnecting with our souls. This has certainly been the most unconventional workshop I have attended but perhaps the one that will make all the difference to my life moving forward. xox
Doreen, Melbourne.


5th Dimension 10 day Rejuvenation & Soul Awakening Retreat

Knowing el Ma Ra for over 6 years now, I value the guidance given in that time by a gifted spiritual teacher. I have been through hell and back, facing both light and dark, taking one step forward, two steps back each time felt safe, protected and grounded when working with el.

At times have needed redirection and further insight, knowing when needed she is but a phone call away…granted it takes the time to reach her but in divine timing, all works out…

I have and always will be grateful and thankful for the support, from such a spiritual strength provided from a deeply connected grounded and inspiring individual that is el Ma Ra Seraphim. As a student, now stepping up to the plate, as teaching brings, I am truly thankful for her being there to guide and assist me in finding my own space and power in truth towards understanding in my life purpose.

el, I do want to say that we have had our moments and only a few individuals get the privilege to whoop my ass and as much as I hate to admit it, that whooping has gotten me somewhat to where I am today and from the bottom of my heart…Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Much love and gratitude….
Antonina, Age 45



5th Dimension SPIRITUAL INTENSIVE & COACHING, 2011 – 2017

Thanks again el ~ I am feeling so much better.
You are a true healer & friend.
God bless you.
Dr John ~ Chiropractor ~ New South Wales.



Life results vary with each individual and we cannot guarantee that you will experience results similar to the testimonials presented on any of our pages or any results at all.
Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. ALL Testimonials are true and correct.

However, these statements or examples should not be viewed as promises or guarantees of results. Any statements have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Good Association. Results are affected by a number of factors over which we have no control. Please see extended disclaimer at bottom of this page.

Angie – Mother, Teacher and Artist. Melbourne Australia

el Ma Ra’s 1 year Spiritual Healers & Teacher training and 5th Dimension work has awoken me to a knowledge I have been grasping at all my life.

It has given back that missing piece of who I am – that peace I have been searching for. With that empowering or awakening has come a much boarder awareness, further validation and understanding and most importantly freedom.

A freedom which one can only describe as “a liberation of self” so profound that it defies description. 

But let me try to explain. I have found the true meaning to the word “home” not merely a sense of belonging – no it’s deeper than that.
There is no word for it…. or perhaps there is… It’s Utopia …heaven on the inside.

Of course, to the naked eye or perhaps the untrained eye, I appear no different.

However I feel charged with energy, complete and full of meaningful purpose and intent. 

I am so deeply connected to my purpose or I prefer “my responsibility contract”.

Now it is just a matter of doing it.

It has been a honour and privilege to meet and work with el Ma Ra, who is an extraordinary Spiritual Healer & Teacher ~ and deeply precious soul.

And with whom I know I will continue to work with as our paths are inextricably linked.

Love and blessings, may you find your peace.

Keep it honest and Be Brave. Angie


5th Dimension Spiritual Teacher Training

This month’s Activation is some pure good stuff…listened daily…and feel amazing…like clearing up any residual prepping for the new year 2017…wow…thank you ❤ ❤ ❤
Nina. Melbourne, Australia



Wowzers that was Awesome. There is no longer any confusion for me as to what it feels like to be FULLY CONNECED TO SOURCE, to be ONE with Source.
Thank you Thank You Thank You el Ma Ra”
Kim ~ Canada



el Ma Ra thank you …… I came across your website and as I began to read, my room filled with the aroma of roses. I am so moved and am crying in remembrance of my Divinity, thank you….. I sense what a gift you are and hope one day that I can work with you… I trust in the unfolding.
Much gratitude ~ Sonya



My Earth Angel El Ma Ra, is a true miracle worker.
For over six months now I have been patiently waiting to share a miracle story with you all. That time has come, so here it goes. I have a seven year old cocker spaniel that normally has 3-4 seizures a year. As heart wrenching as they are, cocker breeds are prone to seizures. My vet advised me that as he gets older and if the seizures get more frequent, there is medication available for it.
The first 5 weeks in 2014 my pup had six violent seizures and I got quite concerned. It wasn’t normal like in previous years and I immediately contacted my friend El Ma Ra.
Also, last October my mother passed away. All my life I have always knew that when my mom would pass I would have a really hard time dealing with it. I never loved anyone on this planet more than my mother. She was everything to me. El Ma Ra worked with me through my loss and what was once imagined to be the worse time of my life, turned out to be 90% easier than previously thought.
Going back to my pup, by then I had 100% faith in El Ma Ra’s healing capabilities and eagerly accepted her help for the seizures. Mind you, I refrain from all expectations in life because being disappointed sucks.

Having said that, what I DIDN’T expect was an all out, full blown, lifetime cure but that is exactly what I got.
I have been with my dog 24/7 for the last six months and I know for a fact that he has not had one seizure. I am forever blessed and so grateful to know such an incredible friend and natural healer. And for that, I am infinitely indebted to the Universe.
May God bless and keep her forever. I love you mucho!!!!!!!
Rob Jasko ~ Michigan ~ USA
Junior Jasko was healed through a photo!



I have just completed the 19 week Soul Awakening Training course with Spiritual Life Coach el Ma Ra.

I started the course to find a deeper spiritual connection and address lots of issues in my life which had been really getting me down. I had been doing Spiritual work for 20+years.

I was having lots of trouble with my son with his behaviour, his temper, issues at school and even with the police and he was only 9! This had been going on for several years. I think looking back I was chronically stressed, worried and heartbroken, unsure what to do as I had tried everything I could think of. I was also chronically tired ( no real surprise there) and had unresolved “stuff” from a bad/sad marriage break up…… sound familiar to anyone?….. I think I had also lost my faith which had always been a big part of my life.

I had one single phone session with el prior to the course and had noticed a distinct improvement in my anxiety levels, I found the exercises/techniques she uses very simple and powerful.

So I completed the course and must say the results are really fabulous. Today writing this I can honestly say I feel happy, centred and very peaceful in this present moment in a great life.

I have shed so many layers of “stuff” and feel a renewed person. My relationship with my son is amazing, I feel clear about boundaries, tough and then very tender love which has helped him (and me) immensely.

The importance of a daily sacred meditation connection ritual is very clear to me – it keeps me open, loving and ready to live the very beautiful life I have.

I could not imagine a more lucky and beautiful life than I have now – but nothing has changed except myself!!! Thanks so much el.

If you are serious about wanting to change your life I think el is an excellent, safe and loving person to do it with.

With love and blessings, Fiona



Soul Awakening 19 week Training


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