Quantum Love Light
10 Week Spiritual Intensive

With el Ma Ra


The bigger the story of your life~ the bigger the Soul that dwells within and the bigger the purpose for you being here on Earth~ elMaRa.

Are you ready to know who you really are?
Have you always known you came here to do something awesome yet still can’t find out exactly what that is?
Do you already know how powerful you are ~ yet the past keeps holding you back?
Maybe you know exactly what it is you are here to do on Earth and you have not been able to get your work out into the world or find the right assistance to do so?
WORST STILL ~ you have already paid someone thousands of dollars only to find you ended up in course with hundreds or even thousands of people in it and you haven’t got a chance in blazes of getting your questions answered!


THIS POWERFUL QUANTUM LOVE LIGHT 10 Week one-on-one Spiritual Intensive is all about what YOU NEED and not some PRESET AGENDA ~ which 99% of all Coaching & Training programs are ~ which suits the facilitator and does not necessarily specifically help YOU!

Everybody’s needs are different.

Over the course of the 10 weeks, we show you how to come into alignment with your HIGHER SELF and your highest purpose for being here on Earth.  As you connect to the 5th Dimension and awaken to your TRUE POTENTIAL ~ the MAGNIFICENCE of who you truly are is revealed to you as we teach you how to access all of the love, JOY, bliss, SUPER POWERS and abundance ALREADY within you on a moment to moment basis.

ALL your coaching and teaching sessions are with el Ma Ra (and not some “mini me” trained by her) ~ who has been working in the Spiritual Life Coaching, Teaching & Healing field for almost 40 years. el Ma Ra has transformed the lives of hundreds of people all over the world ~ as can be seen by the 55+ pages of testimonials on this website.

The following is just some of the areas that we may cover based on your needs:

1) DISSOLVE YOUR PERCEIVED BLOCKS and FEARS or whatever else you believe is stopping you from your big promotion or new job or fabulous loving relationships or more love, money and JOY in your life etc etc.

2) ALIGN YOU with your perfect Health and Wealth & Bliss.

3) LEARN HOW TO CONNECT to the most powerful GOD/GODDESS MANIFESTATION energy that already exists within your beautiful body.


5) ACTIVATE your Anti-aging genes and Higher Consciousness, Infinite WISDOM and much more.

6) CONNECT YOU to the 5th Dimension, your Angels, Higher Guidance & Life Purpose.

7) LEARN 5th Dimension Healing for yourself, others, children, animals, the environment and do remote healing Activations anywhere in the world.

8) AWAKEN YOUR Infinite Intelligence, your 12 strands of DNA, creativity and Spiritual Gifts.

And so much more.


• 10 x 1 per week x 1.5 hour one-on-one Spiritual Teaching/Coaching with el Ma Ra
(valued at $55,520-00 alone)
• 24 hours a day x 7 days x 10 weeks of Divine Soul Support (priceless)
• 1 Emergency email coaching per week if required (valued at $5000-00)
• Weekly Divine Activations (valued at $2,888-00)
• Weekly Pure Source Transmissions (valued at $2888-00)
• Connection to your Angels and Higher Guidance (priceless)
• Awakening of your Soul Gifts (priceless)
• Activation of the 5th Dimension & 5th Dimension Healing if requested
(which is actually priceless as well in todays world ~ and used to cost $5995-00 for a 4 day workshop in 2010.)

And whatever else is required personally for your own unique awakening.

You check out the 55+ pages of Testimonials here;

And if that excites the pants off you ~ please apply for a FREE Discovery session with el Ma Ra here;

There’s $55,500+ worth of training and YOUR INVESTMENT is only $14,995-00 Australian dollars
(which is approximately $11,500 USD or $8300-00 GBP)

Ask el Ma Ra how you can save $1100-00 off your Spiritual Intensive during your FREE Discovery session.

YOU CAN ALSO APPLY FOR A ONE DAY 5th Dimension VIB (Very Important Being) DAY if you just want to cut to the chase and get it all done in a day.
THIS DAY IS TAILORED EXACTLY TO YOUR REQUIREMENTS and YOUR INVESTMENT is only $8882-00 Australian & can cover any of the above Spiritual Areas & so much more. These are done all over the world by phone.


You can also apply for your PERSONALISED ONE-ON-ONE 10 Week Quantum Love Light Intensive by PHONING US (NO TEXTS PLEASE) on 0410 241 944 (International +61410241944) and leave your name, full phone number and details of what you WISH TO ACHIEVE IN YOUR INTENSIVE….. and we will phone you back as soon as possible.

Remember only people with a big enough WHY will be given
the opportunity to work with el Ma Ra.

If you are seriously ready to awaken all your power and gorgeousness within and live a richer, happier life ~ WITH MORE EASE AND GRACE ~ apply for a FREE Discover Sessions with el Ma Ra now.

Please remember to include YOUR FULL PHONE number including country codes & area codes or we will not be able to respond to your request.

We truly look forward to helping you remember the MAGNIFICENCE OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE. https://elmaraseraphim.com/contact


What others say about el Ma Ra’s 10 week Spiritual Intensive.

The connection to spirit was in my body quite obvious my whole body was tingling all over and I was crying for about 10 minutes. At the end of my crying I started laughing and then I was fine and now I feel great. I think it is interesting to feel spirit for the first time I was aware of spirit being in me and it kind of overwhelmed me in a good way it was a very powerful experience to be connected to Spirit …unique…. I didn’t expect this to happen on a first webinar but it did.

Dr Barbara Ringwald ~ Sacramento USA

It’s hard to find the words to express my gratitude to you. It’s also hard to describe the changes you have brought about in me. I view the world very differently now… that is a huge blessing… my world is full of blessings that I now take the time to be grateful for. I want for nothing in my life! I have all that I could ever want thanks to the things you have taught me. I thank you for facilitating the change in my relationship with the child I lost from one of guilt and anguish to one of love and happiness. That is a gift that means more than words can express. From the bottom of my heart and with all my heart I thank you for coming into my life and helping me to face the things I didn’t want to face… for gently encouraging me to grow when I didn’t want to grow… for believing in me when I had little or no belief in myself & for allowing me to be myself and be loved for that person … a sometimes angry, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, sometimes stubborn person and no matter how I presented on any given day, you loved me unconditionally and very gently & lovingly encouraged me to do that for myself… to be all I can be. I still have a way to go with that, but I am now well on my way & I know that I create my future … its all in my heart.
God sent me the greatest gift in 2010 & it came in the form of YOU! Love you lots,


Melbourne 5th Dimension Spiritual Healer Training

I have done many years of fantastic and helpful spiritual and personal development courses, but this was the most powerful, uplifting and profound ten days of my life. I feel like I have just sent my physical , mental and spiritual bodies to the dry cleaners and have come back with the “original me”, having had cleansed lifetimes of negativity, fear, sadness, guilt and karma removed from every cell and atom of my being.
After a decade of trying, I have now healed my childhood wounds, that was the root cause of my limiting, self-sabotaging behaviours and feelings of lack of self-worth. Thank you!What I can’t believe was how effortless and quick the process was to heal this! Since the course finished I feel a total sense of stillness and bliss within, while feeling centred and self- assured. At the same time I feel energy available to me and flowing through me that is so powerful, I know I can create whatever I choose. I feel totally empowered and ready to be a great leader to the 80 staff in my business! I now look to the future feeling prepared, positive and a sense of purpose.
I am so excited about what’s ahead! Much love and thanks

MARK ~ CEO Melbourne Australia


el, as a practitioner of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Qi Gong for 18 years, I came to you because no other practitioner including myself, no matter how experienced, seemed to be able to resolve the energetic blockage that existed in my right upper abdomen. Although originally sceptical about Spiritual Healing, our 1st session left me in no doubt as to your power and clarity as a healer, and removed all scepticism.

Six months on, it almost defies me to express the phenomenal change that you have created within me. You have always made me feel safe, protected, supported and inspired, even in my most tender and vulnerable healing moments. I know that in future years I will look back at this time in my life as one of the most positive and pivotal times of change and for that I truly Thank You.

Winton Terry ~ Melbourne Australia

5th Dimension Spiritual Life Coaching & Healing Sessions

OMG el Ma Ra ~ I know you are powerful but this tops the cake! I am a powerful Healer myself of 15+ years & my life stopped working in February.
Everything slowed to a halt & did not start again until I starting working with you this year!
I had completed your Christ Consciousness Activation in January & the Sacred Light Transmissions in April & KNEW I had to do the DIVINE SOUL AWAKENING SPIRITUAL INTENSIVE.
However we had just paid out $20,000 in taxes & I knew my hubby would have a heart attack if he knew I spent that much money on myself & I did not want to lie to him.
el Ma Ra told me not to lie to him ~ and told me to ask GOD if they wanted me to do this program then to bring me the money now!
Within 5 hours of making this request ~ $93,000 showed in my life. ~ YES $93,000 ~ WOOOOO HOOOOO
Unbelievable!! However this is the best bit! ~ BEFORE THE CHECK EVEN CLEARED ~ BOTH OF MY BUSINESSES TOOK OFF & I WAS ABLE TO PAY MOST OF THE COURSE FEE within a week!
We are only 3 weeks into my Spiritual Intensive & I have cleared more poop & stuff about my sexual abuse than I have in the last 10 years.
I have worked with many healers over the years & YOU ARE THE FIRST HEALER that has truly impacted my life & made significant magnificent changes in such a short time.
My personal & business life continue to soar after every weekly Spiritual Life Coaching session with you.
I cannot even begin to imagine where I might be at the end of these 10 weeks ~ because I have already achieve far more than I ever dreamed was possible in just 3 short weeks.
THANK YOU ~ THANK YOU ~ THANK YOU el Ma Ra & THANK YOU GOD for allowing our paths to cross.

This is one truly powerful Spiritual Teacher everyone & if you are stuck anywhere in your life ~ el Ma Ra will get you moving again.


Corine ~ Healer ~ NEW YORK, USA

Spiritual Healer & Teacher ~ 5th Dimension Spiritual Intensive.


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