Sacred Light Transmissions

by el Ma Ra

Master Teacher – Spiritual Life Coach & Soul Awakener

Are You Living The Life You Always Dreamed Of?

Or Have Your Life Challenges Made You Settle For Less? Does Your Heart Yearn For More and You Dont Know Where to Begin?

What If The Life You Really Want Is Already Within You!

What If Those Life Challenges Were Actually Trying To Show You Where You Needed To Grow?

What IF All The Love And ABUNDANCE You Have Been Seeking Is Within You

It Only Takes 21 Days To Change A Habit

What If Your “Stuff” Was Your Doorway To Enlightenment?

EVERYTHING IS ENERGY ~ NO MATTER WHAT IS HAPPENING IN YOUR LIFE ~ You can radically switch where you are at ~ once you understand all the things you are NOT and ACTIVATE the 99% PURE POTENTIAL ALREADY EXISTING WITHIN YOU. You will experience 22 days of the most DIVINE SACRED LIGHT energy from el Ma Ra ~ a Master Teacher  ~ and the GAIA ONE Temple team of Advanced Beings of LIGHT including;

  •  22 daily Sacred Light Transmission for 22 minutes every day.
  •  Divine Soul Support 24 hours a day x 7 days a week for 22 days.
  •  4 LIVE webinars with one of the world’s most powerful Master Teacher & Activator, which includes Q&A sessions.
  • There is over $4440- worth of Healing Activations in these 22 days of Sacred Light Transmissions. Check out the full PDF of whats happening each month

Sacred Light Transmissions start the first Saturday of each month.

Want a taste of what a Sacred Transmission feels like?

Or maybe you simply want to “try before you buy” ~ Listen to the free Sacred Light Transmission on the left for a few days and see what shows up in your life.

Please join el Ma Ra for this powerful Divine Essence Activation and Sacred Light Transmission.

Click on the LINK below to access a FREE SACRED LIGHT TRANSMISSION.

Download full details on Sacred Light Transmissions here

22 days of Sacred Light Transmissions commence on 1st Saturday of each month in Australia (Friday night in USA).
You will be notified of all start dates in the FREE Worldwide Healing that happens on 19TH DAY OF EACH MONTH.

FREE World Wide Healing ~ by el Ma Ra

If you would like a taste of what a Divine Healing with el Ma Ra is like, sign up for the monthly Free World Wide Healing on the Blog page

Join Us For The Next Sacred Light Transmission.

Brad (OZ) ~ Thank you, Thank you, Thank you el! ~ As always, an amazing program. I am in for next month too. See/hear you all soon.

Nova (OZ) ~ My cells are filled with life and love! And I feel more confident already after a tough few years.

Ansa (SA) ~ The energy is awesome. I feel lighter and my brain feels clearer and more focused. Whenever I feel challenging situations your teachings come back to me.

Dorene (USA) ~ I just listened to the last 2 Transmissions and I could HUG you to pieces for the GAIA ONE chant el. I just did it & the return to my center & PEACE was INSTANT!!! ~ ESPAVO!!

Sandy (Phillipines) ~ Thank you so much el once again for your kind generosity, I am enjoying these transmissions immensely x

Dawn (USA) ~ I am beyond grateful to experience the blessings of your divine presence


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