Spiritual Teacher Melbourne

el Ma Ra provides day or weekend sessions, assisting those who feel the need, to get back in touch with the amazing gods and godesses they ALREADY are.For those who are ready to to take time to get to know themselves as a perfect being of light and change their lives, and in turn change the world. 


What is a Spiritual Teacher?

A spiritual teacher can provide a range of services for those wanting to get in touch with the god or godess that they truly are. el Ma Ra works on the premise that you are not broke and you do not need fixing. Contrary to common beliefs, deep down we know this to be true. This is a symptom of the conditioning we have been given since birth, Time and time again, we are told we are not good enough, we are told we are too fat , too thin, too judgemental, too loud, too quiet and the list goes on. The fabric of life would be a beige tapestry if we weren’t so.


el Ma Ra – Spiritual Coach and Teacher

With over 40 years of experience and decades worth of testimonials, el Ma Ra can assist on your journey to find the 5th dimension.


What can I expect from a session with el Ma Ra?


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