In 1997 while meditating in my sunroom I heard a booming voice that said “We want to teach you how to connect to the 5th Dimension”.
Now I lived opposite the biggest cemetery in Brisbane & I was used to hearing all sorts of weird and wonderful things as I was what is known as a Gate Keeper ~ meaning I took lots of lost Souls home regularly.

After looking around and checking this was not one of my “friends” from across the road ~ I returned to my meditation.
The voice repeated ~ “We want to teach you how to connect to the 5th Dimension ~ are you up for it?”
I remember clearly thinking I had never even heard of the 5th Dimension ~ and being keen to learn anything new Spirituality back then ~ I said OK.
Well let’s get started they said.

“Already ~ no time for research?”.
“None needed” was the reply…they were going to teach me everything I needed to know.

“Firstly we want you breathe in and connect to the Sun”.
What? ~ Don’t be ridiculous ~ I can’t connect to the Sun.
“Just try” was their reply & they were gone.

What the??? How the hell am I supposed to connect to the Sun in one breath?  It did not even make sense to me where to begin.

Each morning I heard from my Spiritual team briefly simply to remind me to connect to the Sun.
I was in my head ~ and for the life of me I could not work out how I could connect to the Sun.


The 5th Dimension, what was it?

When I checked on the internet ~ at that time ~ there was just one other person with info on the 5th Dimension ~ and that didn’t make any sense either!

Two weeks passed and I chucked a little hissy fit and said I didn’t want to do this anymore.

Looking back I can clearly see it was pushing all my buttons of what was real and what was possible. I was thinking in linear mode and not outside the box.
To me the Sun was 93 million miles away ~ which was a bloody long way ~ and how could anyone be expected to breath in and go to the sun ~ in one breath ~ without dying in the process!

I was confused as to why they would ask me to do such a ridiculous thing.  Was this really my Higher Guidance talking to me or some other beings trying to kill me!

You know how your ego goes off on a tangent and has a party all by itself ~ usually in an attempt to avoid growing in any shape or form ~ as it often does when we are beginning any new process in our life that requires us to change!

They asked me why I felt I couldn’t breathe into the Sun…. Because it is billions of miles away, I said ~ I can’t breathe into the Sun in one breath.

“el Ma Ra ~ how fast does Light travel?”
I don’t know ~ 186,000 miles per second.
“el ~ you drive your car at 100 miles PER HOUR ~ and you think that is fast!  Can you even comprehend how fast 186,000 miles per second is?”

“NO” I said.
It is the same with the Sun.
You have NO idea how far 93 million miles is!

Simply make it your INTENTION to take your ATTENTION to the Sun and you will be there.

To my complete surprise ~ I focused my intention and took one breath in ~ took my awareness to the Sun ~ breathed out and connected my energy and breath into the Sun and I was there!
Two weeks off my face with stress and a simple shift in focus and I was there!

I then took another breath in from the Sun and brought the energy down from the Sun and breathed it out into my entire body through my Crown Chakra.
WOW ~ it was so simple!


Connecting to the 5th Dimension

I practised that one step for an hour every day.
My body became lighter and healthier and I had tons and tons of energy for the first time in years. (I was in my late 30’s at that time)

They said they would be back when I had step 1 mastered!
I couldn’t wait for my next session with Source.

It was 2 weeks before they returned.

BTW ~ 20 years on it seems so ridiculous now that I did not feel I could connect to the Sun ~ especially since now it takes me seconds to do it!

STAY TUNED ~ Next step is coming in my next blog!

Have an awesome week or two.
Infinite blessings ~ el Ma Ra