I woke this morning to the very sad news that my long time student and friend passed away in a tragic house explosion along with her beautiful 10 year old daughter who I called Annie because she looked EXACTLY like Annie from the movie with her bright red curly hair. ❤
I can’t even begin to imagine the pain for her best friend Mel ~ who I also met at the same workshop of mine they attended more than a decade ago ~ and for her partner and parents.
I have such fond memories of you “D” ॐॐॐ  
Of how brave you were in your big 25 week Spiritual Intensive you did with me to overcome your shyness.
Or when you would tell me you were going to fall off a windmill for some TV show you were doing a stunt for…and give me a heart attack when you did!
Or when you fearlessly jumped out the window of my sloping tin roof on the 1st floor of my Temple in Melbourne to hang up some prayers flags for me & I was terrified you would fall!
I only recently found the beautiful gift you gave me when you came to lunch a few years back because you were just 50kms down the road when I was in Nagambie caring for my friends Glenn & Colin’s dog Annie.
And you brought your “Annie” along to meet me.
I knew immediately your “Annie” was an Angel in disguise because she instantly connected with Annie the Airedale terrier who could be very aloof and the 2 Annie’s had a wonderful time while we caught up on lots of awesome Spiritual stuff.
Who knew that would be the last time I would see you D ॐॐॐ.
I meant to phone you recently after I found your gift for a chat but of course life got in the way.
I did speak with you just after I arrived in Queensland & I was thrilled to hear all about the mammoth leaps you were making on your Spiritual journey.  Obviously so big that you have now crossed over to continue your journey on the other side ॐॐॐ.
And although I can chat with you anytime I wish to ~ I will STILL miss your beautiful smile and voice and your joyous enthusiasm for your Earthly journey.
To Mel and your partner and your parents ~ I am so deeply sorry for your sad loss of these most gorgeous human beings.
I can say without a shadow of doubt that you DEFINITELY NOW KNOW 2 ANGELS YOU KNOW BY NAME ~ because as you already know they were precious Angels here on Earth.
To ANYONE ELSE who is touched by this story ~ PLEASE PLEASE STOP HAVING A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR DEVICES, PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL YOUR LOVED ONES & catch up for a cuppa or a yummy meal and tell them how much YOU LOVE AND CARE FOR THEM ~ because as this story confirms ~ you simply never know when it is your time to go ~ OR THEIR TIME TO GO HOME.
You will always be in my heart D & I will have to start taking lessons from you now. ॐॐॐ
Infinite love & blessings to you all ❤️ ❤️ ❤
el Ma Ra xoxo