I recently had a HOLOGRAM appointment with a fabulous coach called Jennifer. She mentioned that I was a Pleiadian ~ God I did not even know how to spell that!! he he he

I have done tons heaps of work with the Lyrans, the Arcturians and especially the Sirians but never the Pleiadians (interesting note that spell checker tells me I have spelt all those GORGEOUS planetary Beings wrong! ~ like they do NOT even exist in the English language!!!)

And up until now, I have had no interest in the Pleiadians either.

However, this morning at the end of my meditation, I asked Source to show me if I was Pleiadian ~ and to give me a sign that I could not miss.

INSTANTLY, my third eye lit up and began pulsating LIGHT through my whole frontal cortex of my brain. Within seconds, my heart burst OPEN with love that I can still feel hours later and my whole body is excited and buzzing.

I had to stop right there because I knew nothing else would get done today if I didn’t.

So I have done the bare minimum. Fed the cats to keep them happy. Cleared the rest of my day until my client appointment at 8pm tonight and I am about to dive in and learn more about my Ancestry……yahhhh and the excitement is going berserk in my body right now.

It is going to be such a juicy day!

THANK YOU SO MUCH Jennifer ~ I think I may just have found a HUGE MISSING PIECE OF THE PUZZLE for me being here on Earth ~ that I did not even know was missing. I AM not bored now!!!

See that is why we all need a great coach.
Because we don’t know what we don’t know!!!
Even a smarty pants like me who has been around since the year dot!

I trust that your day is going to be as awesome as mine.

Beautiful blessings to you all, el Ma Ra xxx